About Us:


Her journey began with a small step on the threshold of a cluttered existence. Amid silence she entered trying to find the whereabouts of this insisting whisper.


The first place to inspect was the wardrobe. Plenty of clothing articles and bags were there, art-driven designs that were spellbinding. Amazed, she continued on and found a dressing table, on which beauty supplies were neatly arranged, contradicting the whole on which it lies. Further on, a trunk lies open on the floor, exquisite accessories spewing forth from its gaping drawers.


Entranced, she continued on and up an abandoned staircase reaching a dusty attic. Paintings crowded a corner; other pieces were haphazardly hanged on the wall. Art surrounded her engulfing her being. She looked up and saw the stars peeking and decided; this is the place I want to be in, this is my Exposed House.


Based in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, The Exposed House was created to cater to all fashion and art enthusiasts who are constantly on the lookout for something new and unique. Selling in the UAE and the GCC region, our retail space combines art and fashion to showcase its customers a wide variety of uniqueness. We are planning on collaborating with artists who would create sellable pieces as well as art-driven fashion designers. Through this e-commerce website, we are hoping to represent a creative, collaborative society that focuses on quality and refinement.