The Exposed House is very honored to have known and collaborated with the following amazingly unique group of Artist and Designers. 

Anood Al Obaidly

December 2014

Anood Al Obaidly is Emirati visual artist from Abu Dhabi, UAE. She is a 2013 graduate from the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises at Zayed University, where she earned a B.A. degree in Visual Arts. Her artwork explores the appropriation and reinterpretation of found materials to utilize the language of reductive process to visually articulate intellectual responses to the material. 

We first approached Anood during our pop up on Dec 2014. We collaborated through performing a collage workshop and a live collage installation for our art conscious customers who were interested in working and viewing art on a first to first basis. It was an amazing experience as we saw how customers approach art individually and are interested to gain experience from talented artists such as Anood. The result of this collaboration is a series of 20 framed collages on paper sold on our website. 

These separate art pieces can be placed together to a whole landscape installation. 


Arwa Al Baqsami

November 2013

Arwa Al Baqsami is A Kuwaiti artist based in Kuwait and Dubai. She is currently a dental surgery student at Ajman University, UAE. Her studies in Dental surgery, which she considers as art in itself has never limited her work and talent in drawing, painting, graphic design, photography and fashion design but instead contributed a great deal in it. 

Even though places and people inspire her, Arwa states "I never think before making a design. I have no specific direction. I'm interested in everything. I usually sit down, and let my hands do the job. I don't imagine the design, it just comes out".

Arwa is a very talented graphic designer and we saw uniqueness in her graphic design pieces, We were so excited to be collaborating with her, we chose certain designs from her collection of beautiful prints to be printed on wood and canvas.   



April 2015 

“For every doll you purchase we gift a doll to an orphan or vulnerable child in need and allow them to make it their own through an art workshop. This process of doll creation gives the children an opportunity to reflect upon themselves, process what they have been through and control at least one piece of their world. So not only do does a special child in your life receive a meaningful gift to laugh with, play with, dream with but an underprivileged child does as well” 

Dumye’ – Dolls with Purpose 

Our collaboration with Dumye’ – Dolls with a purpose, was during our pop up shop in The Galleria UAE, Al Mariyah Island. 

We chose Dumye’ for their great message, their charitable aspect, and the opportunity the brand gives kids to be creative and expressive. This is in addition to their great designs that include organic elements at amazing quality and their attention to detail. 

The aspect of encouraging creativity and inspiration is all about The Exposed House. Through the collaboration, Dumye’ was amazingly helping kids and their mommies to be inspired and expressive. We believe in originality and through our platform we celebrate all things inspiring, creative, expressive, and artistic. That’s what we saw and loved in Dumye’. 


Fatima Al Nuaimi

November 2013

An Emirati graphic designer with intricate and minimal aesthetics, with the philosophy less is more, Fatima believes that “minimalism is not a lack of something, it’s simply the perfect amount of something”. As a freelancer, Fatima concentrates on merging the art of simplicity and luxury, using subtle colors, delicate designs, and insightful messages. Fatima’s first publication was featured in Mawahib Talented Directory 2012.

We were amazed by Fatima’s attention to details that were minimal yet great in it’s intricacy and quality. The designer created an exclusive collection of Arabic monogramed card sets that included two beautifully different designs. 




Hibr Design

April 2015 

“A paper studio based in the UAE with an emphasis on Arabic stationery and greeting cards, using hand drawn illustration/calligraphy and brush script”

Our collaboration with Hibr Design was based on our belief of supporting and encouraging local and regional talents through providing them with a platform to exhibit and show their imaginative abilities whether it’s an art piece, design, or a word. 

We liked their concept of Arabic stationery and greeting cards. We saw their uniqueness and were excited to display it on the website and knew that our customers would love it. The brand created a beautifully exclusive four-design card set.



Maitha Bin Demithan

November 2015

Maitha Bin Demithan is an emerging visual artist from the United Arab Emirates. She has participated in several exhibitions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Venice, London and Paris, including, Abu Dhabi Art (2011), Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in Korea (2012), and Art Dubai (2012-14). She is a member of Tashkeel, a visual artist collective in Dubai where she showed her first solo show Mutajadid (2014). 

We loved Maitha’s art aesthetics because of the uniqueness she has. And since our main purpose through our collaborations is to make art reachable to the interested and art aware customers, we discussed with the artist some ideas and settled on the creation of espresso cup sets that include the artist’s amazingly detailed creatures series drawings. 

 maitha-demithan-1.jpg     maitha-demithan-2.jpg


Shamsa Al Omaira

November 2013 

Shamsa Al Omaira is a visual artist born in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In her work, she conceptually explores philosophy and the mind, which is deeply embedding in personal experience. Her ideas are expressed through a variety of media including painting, photography, printmaking, mixed media installation, and with found and collected materials. Through her process of art making, her work transcends and becomes a form of personal confessions, which are inspired by historical possessions and childhood memories.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in the UAE, such as “The Nishan” exhibition at the Bastakiya Art Fair in Dubai and UAE inspiration exhibition at the Art Hub, Abu Dhabi. She curated her first solo-exhibition “Deer in the Headlights” at the Ghaf Art Gallery Abu Dhabi, June 2012 and exhibited a body of work titled “muted thoughts” at Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2012. 

Internationally, Al Omaira participated in a group show, “Emerge II: Radiating Ports”, which took place at the Museum of Diocesano in Venice Italy, in conjunction with 2011 Venice Biennale. Her work was also exhibited at the first Emirati exhibition in London titled “Three Generations”, which took place at the Sotheby’s. Al Omaira was chosen as one of two Emirati artists to be published in an international book written by Richard Noyce titled “Printmaking off the beaten track”. She was also chosen as one of Emirati artists to be published in Art of the Emirates, a book soon to be launched in the UAE. 

We love Shamsa’s art aesthetics and see how uniquely and creatively different she is in her creations. We approached her requesting a collaboration that resulted in her creating one of kind, simply beautiful, paintings.