Shamsa Al Omaira



A luxurious textile, which was hand stretched on a wooden frame by the artist to create the canvas that suits her vision. The transparency of the fabric in contrast with the opaque lines of the paint adds a three-dimensional affect when exposed to direct light producing intriguing shadows. 

A silhouette of a balloon filled with roses with thorns and saturated to lifeless colors is painted on the canvas. The word “Intoxicated” is hand painted in white acrylic using an old typewriter inspired font over the balloon. This painting comes with a certificate of authentication.

Artist Words:

• “My mind refuses to understand, it stops at no point. Intoxicated by all that there is; surrounding us.. possessing us.. taking over our certainty”

• Diameter: 30.5cm

• Wood Frame
• Acrylic Paint
• Textile

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