Amna Al Maamari

Alternating between opposites, right and left, birth and death, and the constant play between form and its essence in everything we experience. Intrigued by the ability to continuously respond to that duality inside of us and in our surroundings and to honor the ephemeral and eternal that exist in that dichotomy.

"I often find myself in an intersection trying to trade succession of segments with aligned stillness, as in to merge both full opposites and look for oneness in it.
Processing that continual polarity in thoughts, words, feelings, people and places. Living in this rhythmic pattern where everything moves with a certain measure giving all experiences a poetic notion.
I am interested in the field of metaphysics and spirituality and both appear to me as one intertwined subject."

"I earned a BA in visual arts, and had the chance as a student to work with different instructors from different backgrounds and that helped to shape my start in this field. The undergraduate program at ZU enhanced my critical thinking as well as my skills in painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and curatorial practices. I also had the chance to go for a yearlong studio program as an emerging artist with the RISD faculty that furthered my ideas on criticality and my own practice"