Arwa Al Baqsami

Arwa Al Baqsami is A Kuwaiti artist based in Kuwait and Dubai. She is currently a dental surgery student at Ajman University, UAE. Her studies in Dental surgery, which she considers as art in itself has never limited her work and talent in drawing, painting, graphic design, photography and fashion design but instead contributed a great deal in it. She has taken classes in water, pencil, wood and guache coloring as well as pottery making. Arwa is a self taught graphic designer and photographer, she found herself more into graphic design and photography despite the fact that she never took any classes in both. 
Arwa’s journey in art is influenced by the people she have met, the places she has been, the memories she had gained, but mostly the year 2009, in which she started a new chapter in her life. A great deal of this inspiration also comes from the poet Jalaludin Rumi, who has been a major inspiration to make a lot of her designs and her photography. Also, the people who have really influenced her into design were her sister Abrar Al Baqsami, who is also an artist and the people she met at Kuwait University in the Architecture Department; Arch. Noora Almusallam, Arch. Dalal Aldousari and others. Recently, she has been inspired by the Spanish graphic designer Jesús Bosqued, who she has never met, but had the honor to know.
Even though places and people inspire her, Arwa states "I never think before making a design. I have no specific direction. I'm interested in everything. I usually sit down, and let my hands do the job. I don't imagine the design, it just comes out"
Spontaneity is a major factor in Arwa’s artistic insight. She lets time decide what the next design will be. Her vision is always changing which explains why her designs change with time. Through her designs she aims to touch people's hearts and minds. Not only that, but when it comes to printing, she likes to print on different materials and create 3D art pieces which people can feel with their hands to stimulate all their senses so they can close their eyes and relate with their own experiences and journeys.

Artist Statement:
“Each material that I work with, each piece that I make is a part of me. I have worked with glass, because my road was clear. I have used mirrors because my journey was reflected and influenced by others. I have worked with wood, because I like to be traditional. I printed on stone, because that's who I have become.
An artist should not be a different entity than what he/she creates, because all those pieces are what make us whole”.

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Arwa Al Baqsami
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