Maitha Demithan

Maitha Bin Demithan is an emerging visual artist from the United Arab Emirates. She has participated in several exhibitions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Venice, London and Paris, including, Abu Dhabi Art (2011), Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in Korea (2012), and Art Dubai (2012-14). She is a member of Tashkeel, a visual artist collective in Dubai where she showed her first solo show Mutajadid (2014). Bin Demithan was selected for Stephen Shore’s Emirati Expressions education program in 2011 and received a BA in arts and design from Zayed University, Dubai in 2012.

Artist Statement:

There is a strong need in me to release the overwhelming stream of thoughts that flow inside of me. A need to share a place I only see, and a need to express ideas in a visual language. My hope is not to just continue creating art, but to create better arteach time. During the past few years the technique I have used most is scanography. I ask myself how scanography is different from photography as essentially they both create a moment with light. The difference is in the layers of construction and deconstruction that occur when creating an image. When I use the technique of scanography, I feel I am painting with light. I feel as if I am able to bring my knowledge of painting and photography together using this technique. I work with the different parts of the body separately and love seeing how the image grows. I feel it is like photography but so much slower, which makes it closer to painting.
A flat bed scanner is normally used for the reproduction of two-dimensional images/documents or to make a copy from an original. In my pieces I have scanned figures in parts and then reconstructed the images digitally. The composite result is both an objective and mechanical record of the figures but also through pose, body language and particular scan quality also includes an emotional statement.
My thoughts and feelings arise from the world in which I live, the environment I work in and most importantly, the people I am close to. I try to live each moment as it comes - fully with undivided attention - and feel that my art pieces reflect this. I feel that the deconstruction and reconstruction in my works are a reflection of my journeys, my own personal struggles to understand my state of being and my place and role in this world.