Cathy Savels

A Belgian artist based in France and originally trained as an interior designer, Cathy Savels works are based on mixing various mediums creatively to create beautiful works alive with texture. These mediums include painting, string, paper and cloth. 
Cathy Savels journey through childhood, which involved earthy materials had great influence on her art. She grew up among wood, fabrics, wool and paper and learned about their qualities and textures through her father, who had a cabinetmakers workshop creating furniture and her mother, who worked as a seamstress. This became a great influence on the work she presents today. 

Cathy says, “My biggest inspiration is nature and organic structures. The textures, patterns and details created by nature are a driving force for my creativity; I am fascinated by nature as art in absolute detail and strive to engage the viewer through the observation of nature's tiny details”.
Cathy Savels exhibits widely across France. Her exhibited works, which show great eye to details, embroider the beauty of nature and attract viewers to involve their senses through touch and feel. 
Artist Statement:
Nature as art in absolute detail; a never-ending paradox that tears me from reality. Everything has a spirit, a voice that needs to be listened to. Creativity is my passion. This was the journey of my childhood, as I watched my father create wonderful furniture in wood and observed my mother sewing beautiful garments with fabrics. 
When I search for inspiration, I look over the vineyards surrounding my studio in southwest France and ideas engulf me. Dreams evolve into reality; midnight sketches become my driving force. Before my canvas, I see the world through a lens. I’m interested in what escapes me.