Shamsa Al Omaira

Shamsa Al Omaira is a visual artist born in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In her work, she conceptually explores philosophy and the mind, which is deeply embedding in personal experience. Her ideas are expressed through a variety of media including painting, photography, printmaking, mixed media installation, and with found and collected materials. Through her process of art making, her work transcends and becomes a form of personal confessions, which are inspired by historical possessions and childhood memories.
Intrigued by the machination of the mind, Al Omaira enters a fascinating world through her creative practice, extensive research of ideas and various philosophical theories has led her to create works which question the complexity of the mind, the reflection of thought, conceptually parallels assorted mind theories to correspond with personal experience.
Her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in the UAE, such as “The Nishan” exhibition at the Bastakiya Art Fair in Dubai and UAE inspiration exhibition at the Art Hub, Abu Dhabi. She curated her first solo-exhibition “Deer in the Headlights” at the Ghaf Art Gallery Abu Dhabi, June 2012 and exhibited a body of work titled “muted thoughts” at Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2012. She also participated in “MAG”, a mobile art gallery, which was part of Dubai Art Fair 2013. Her most recent local exhibition was the “Three generations” Exhibition curated by ADMAF, which took place in the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi. 
Internationally, Al Omaira participated in a group show, “Emerge II: Radiating Ports”, which took place at the Museum of Diocesano in Venice Italy, in conjunction with 2011 Venice Biennale. Her work was also exhibited at the first Emirati exhibition in London titled “Three Generations”, which took place at the Sotheby’s. Al Omaira was chosen as one of two Emirati artists to be published in an international book written by Richard Noyce titled “Printmaking off the beaten track”. She was also chosen as one of Emirati artists to be published in Art of the Emirates, a book soon to be launched in the UAE.

Artist Statement:
“I have always been inspired by the details in everything around me.  Beginning from a single thread in a textile, to the shakiness in a person’s tone, to the history behind certain objects. What I find fascinating in anything I come across is the emotions and ideas that lead to its existence. In my case, I honestly believe that art without a thought or a strong idea behind it is just a beautiful object that could be marketed or sold on a shelf. What pushes me into creating is not only the thrill of beautifying objects or creating a visual work for people to admire, I put all my emotions, and fears into creating these objects. To me the process of creating may be the most emotional period of time I go through, because before reaching the final outcome, I go through rollercoasters of emotions, confessions, and tough decisions to make. To build an object inspired by a thought, an idea, or a form, provoked by emotions, and holding a strong message, is in my belief the sturdiest and greatest method of creation.”