Designed by Irene Sioti,and manufactured in Greece by local craftsmen,ESIOT™ sandals are a combination of The Gladiator sandals that were worn in the arena by the gladiators, the Creepers mostly worn by soldiers based in the deserts, in North Africa, in World War II and the Espadrilles, firstly worn by the catalano-aragonese military soldiers.

Irene’s passion for modern fashion, made possible the combination of 25 centuries of history into a single shoe, giving birth to ESIOT™ sandals that are characterized by their minimal, dynamic lines.

“For over 25000 years, shoes have been in our life and have influenced the course of human history. Early humans wore a form of shoe that eased their passage on the landmass of Eurasia. Romans, in their heavy caligae sandals, were able to expand the Empire. Sandals in general were the most common footwear in all early civilisations.”