As a sibling duo, Marzook is the unity of a brother and sister’s creative minds.

Marzook’s journey into designing and styling was initially driven by their passion for art and design. The maiden collection was accidental, starting with designing for family and a close circle of friends. The brand intends to push boundaries, challenge fashion norms, and create what they believe is the expression of individuality.

The circle, a profound, transcendent symbol, is significant in their designs; representing the cycle of life, completion, inclusion, eternity, and the universe. The intertwined double circles found in the Marzook logo express the sibling’s interlocking creative relationship. They are dependent on each other’s design decisions and rely on one another for support.

Marzook create handmade luxury art forms in exotic leathers and skins, precious metals and resins. Each design is unique, finding inspiration in art, architecture and nature, as well as a rich mix of Eastern and Western cultures; which reflect the world the brand was developed in. The duo follows an ethos of non-instinctive thinking and the principles of surrealism, without any control by reason and irrational juxtaposition.

Marzook define their own distinct vision of blending Art Deco and innovative designs to create an unforgettable glamour.