Sketch Design - Klaithem Al Owais

Klaithem alowais is an interior designer from the United Arab Emirates, and owner of sketch designs.

Sketch approaches the styles of art that are defined and redefined throughout the twentieth century. 

When asked about modern art, Klaythem says:

“To sketch, modern art is the twist that you add to the traditional things; changing and reaching an approach towards elegance, growing up with vogue magazine and understanding the trends and fashion.

Connecting with vogue is like taking the advice of a bigger sister, one you never had, and using this advice in taking small steps toward your goals under their imaginary guidelines. It makes me want to keep the same language of the design intact but In a different perspective. Briefly it’s love what you do and do what you love to make the world more defined through adding your own original print to make it special.”

Sketch also collaborated with forever rose Dubai and Fatema Bint Mohammed Initiative (FBMI).


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Sketch Design - Klaithem Al Owais
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