Zoe Lee

Zoe Lee, a British footwear and accessories designer, based in London, launched her own collection of luxury women's shoes in January 2012.

Before launching her brand of luxury footwear, Zoe was tutored by ManoloBlanhik and began her career in 2003 at Vivienne Westwood. She has worked with a number of British designers.

The brand Zoe Lee focuses on silhouette, texture and unusual use of material,andoffers beautifully crafted products that stand the test of time by not being led by current trends. Whilst it is possible to find timeless durable pieces amongst the collections of more established labels, this is an entire line of modern footwear that offers this as a whole concept.

The label's focus is on high quality strong materials and leathers that will endure and become more beautiful with each wear. This includes a restraint in over-designing and allowing quality and silhouette to take precedence. Zoe has sourced the finest of materials and used one of the most prestigious Italian factories, in Venice, to manufacture and develop her collections.

Zoe Lee products are modern, timeless wearable pieces with a hand finished look. Textures over muted colors, stand out metallic, foil printed suedes, embossed vegetable tans and gold finishings.