Vortex Leggings - Navy

(You save 284AED)
  • High compression paneling
  • Breathable paneling
  • Double compression waistband
  • Seasonal exclusive

 The Vortex Leggings are a stand out LNDR design, made from a highly technical fabric. The contrasting panels are actually knitted into the fabric and are more than aesthetic. 

  • The navy on the outside of the thighs is a compression knit which helps support your muscles as they work. 
  • The cross hatch on the knees is breathable which increases airflow, keeps you cool and gives you the freedom to move and bend without constriction.

 They’re also high-waisted and offer double compression around the abdominals.

 Size & Fit:

LNDR Vortex Leggings are available in two sizes, XS-S and a M-L. Select the XS-S for a firmer, tighter fit, or the M-L for a bit more room.


Fabric: 55% Polyamide, 34% Polyester, 11% Elastane


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